Friday, 29 June 2018


FOG, chilly air, a big full moon - and a day out in the studio sorting and getting tools up onto the wall, a nice dinner with friends last night after being stopped in my tracks by the moonrise over the lock.

Wednesday, 27 June 2018


THE SOFA COUCH from the loungeroom is new residing in the studio, damn heavy!!  thanks rob for the ingenious plan to get it out there, believe it or not i did have some help :0)


THE NEW STUDIO is still a long way of being organised but tuesday i dived deep into the plan drawers and sorted everything, prints and drawings inside the house, paper and copper in the drawers in the studio. boy, i bought some big heavy packs of paper at the sales last year.  today they all get put away, i even have a list of everything, names, weights and numbers of sheets.  maybe i'm secretly a virgo :0)

Morning walk - the roses around the service station are a mass of fresh blooms in the middle of winter

another beautiful sunset behind the studio


Monday, 25 June 2018


A WALK ON THE ISLAND and of course, another fire, it's great to sit around on the riverbank throwing things in to watch them burn.

we walked on the island and after jen and rob left for broken hill, i visited craig harper in his shed to talk about him making a sink for my studio.  what a collection of rusty things!!

craig's big buggar of a dog, felix

big big skies on the drive home

Saturday, 23 June 2018


I LEFT MY LAPTOP CABLE behind in the grampians and didn't get it back till friday.  so now i'm catching up on the blog
this week sarah tomisetti, heather hesterton and susan wald have been in residence at the art vault. i invited them all out for dinner wednesday, a great night and so nice to show off the studio, incomplete as it is.
the days have been glorious this week, blue skies and sunny but nights are icy, 0 deg.

   this sunset was amazing and the eastern sky created a strange
   turquoise colour along the weir, must have been the icy night to         come that did that. i've never seen it before

THURSDAY after a beautiful foggy morning, i went in to visit the girls and see what they'd been doing, susan had a huge stack of large monoprints she'd done after spending 10 days out at lake mungo


JENNY AND ROB arrived and have stayed a few days, we've walked, lit fires, they've helped me move things out to the studio, we visited the cellar door today for lunch in the sun, the weather's still gorgeous

we burned so much busted up old furniture, bamboo blinds, cardboard boxes etc. from the old studio, moved the couch out to the thinking corner of the new studio, installed my new iron wood stacker, rob's fixed a wonky toilet seat, we moved the big bench in the new studio a bit (can't budge it on my own) and rewarded ourselves with much food and wine :0)

Tuesday, 19 June 2018


JUST BACK from a couple of nights at lake lonsdale with helen, don and jenny.   freezing weather so it was good to be by the fire with knitting, food, talk and a wine or two.
as usual, beautiful big skies on the drive up and back

on the way home

the beautiful
shubi pine
print on my
split japanese
curtain which
is now hung
in my new
studio :0)