Wednesday, 6 June 2018


This lovely old chair is in need of a lot of love - i've covering
the old brittle upholstery with strong black fabrick and
using this ikat from Bali to dress it up, it's super comfortable
WORK on upholstering my special chair continues, tom the sparkie has fixed the lamp i bought at Kyo years and years ago.   it never found a place in the house but is perfect for my little thinking room.

Tom helped me in with the big counter i bought so now all i need is to get rid of piles and piles of rubbish and place the plan drawers (all things i need help with) and i can start fluffing around bringing all my art materials in and getting it all finished :0)   little by little
ooh! and the couch has to come out from the house, it's a big heavy mother :0|

LOOKS LIKE ANOTHER GORGEOUS DAY  i'm off to the movies

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