Sunday, 28 September 2014



I'M STILL UNDER THE DOONA at nearly 8 o'clock, awake at 3!!!  after my workshop yesterday. all went well but the power has gone off in the garage and today is supposed to be 30deg :0|    windy too, i hope it doesn't blow into the shed or we'll have to close the doors and bake.  
this very cute pic of cal and friend was on facebook today. they're standing on a manhole in osaka.  the manholes are different designs in different cities, i have a collection of photos and this trip i plan to do some rubbings.  

Friday, 26 September 2014


LAST NIGHT was a girlie fun night at artback cafe, the annual SPRING SPOILS day, stalls set up selling jewellery, clothes, chocolate, handbags . . .  all served with a champagne and some lovely hot finger food made by john (below)    He's a whizz in the kitchen

 Dianne Craig has recently
moved to Wentworth. She
makes jewellery - I'm 
hoping she may decide
to give lessons
Jayden, son of Steele Scaddings.  He worked on my bathroom last year, now he's modelling spring fashions :0)


KATE HUDSON (not the film star) is a wonderful printmaker and her designs are being used on a range of bags by Catherine Manuell.  You'll see them in handbag shops and the airport luggage shops, they're gorgeous

designs are all
multi plate linocut
designs - so much
work but worth it
- i'm lucky to have
a framed print to
look at every
morning when i
wake up

Thursday, 25 September 2014


YESTERDAY WAS GREY AND DAMP AND WONDERFUL - i was very tired, it was one of my 'walking round in circles' days - a day when i could have done a lot but just didn't settle on one thing.
i did get started on collecting images for my new website, started tidying the house, finished the last bit of artwork for my current book and sent off a pdf of the whole thing, caught a mouse (no effort required), started a bit of moving things in my old studio, now going to be a third bed/sitting room for guests (possibly tenants in future).  I've decided to put in a sliding door making a self contained bedsit, bathroom and toilet with it's own external locking door.  could be a nice little earner in the
future (going forward :0)
Hopefully today i'll have more energy, i'm excited about creating a new room now that the print studio is looking like such a good place to work.  and I still have the whole
big living/dining area to work in when i need the cooling system on.   It takes a long time to work out how to use a house, i moved here on September 13th so I've just passed the two year mark.  

Last night i found
The Bachelor and the
Bobbysoxer on Apple
tv, haven't seen it for
years but it's just as

good as ever.

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

28 deg

AS I GOT OFF THE BUS this morning the air smelled just like a holiday in Ubud :0)   not a bad start to the day.   school holidays too so the trip was quiet and much as i love the kids, it was nice to have the age to myself for a change. a leisurely trip in and a good day at work with two great new artists arriving and the hanging of the two shows happening all day.

not just the smell
of bali lingering in
the air but also
budburst happening
overhead at steph's
cafe where i have
a hot chocolate
before starting 

Andrew - doing what he does
best - he's a whizz at hanging
and getting everything straight
and square,  it's a nice feeling
to hand all that over to 
someone who knows what
he's doing 
    Julie (right)  having coffee with our new artists in residence,  ruth le cheminant and         melissa smith.      their shows were both hung today - great work, both galleries
    look terrific

    Ruth  setting up her studio, drop sheets on the walls and floor because she's a bit of a paint flinger       :0)

when i got home tonight,
a magpie walked up to the

door when i opened it.
he sang a lovely song
 then the resident willy 
wagtail set to work on him.
I think the willies are nesting
- they attacked a kookaburra yesterday. the little blurry grey
patches on the pics are a mad 
as hell willy wagtail

the vague furry grey
blobs on these photos
are all the furious
little willy going
bananas - they're
fearless little buggars 

the wisteria is looking fabulous


ANOTHER GORGEOUS DAY and last night's sunset
was just beautiful. Today it's going to be 28!

Monday, 22 September 2014


Early morning visitor outside
my bedroom window as i got
up to prepare for today's
workshop - same as yesterday,
different group of people
lunch was delivered from artback cafe

Sal's cute dress drying outside 

I'm looking forward to Alison's leaf being printed

Last night at 
the lock,
a still, 
glassy night

Sunday, 21 September 2014


YESTERDAY'S  collagraph workshop went really well, all timed out nicely and lots of plates ready to be printed next saturday.  now for today's workshop - after spending half the morning with bigpond in the philippines trying to get my connection back  grrrrrr