Thursday, 18 September 2014


BUGGAR - all is not sorted, gmail and bigpond aren't working properly on my new mac, more to be done with my mac man.  i hope this faithful old laptop i'm on now continues to work for a while more.

finally got to go to the island (or mini peninsula or perhaps isthmus?) that marks the spot where the might murray and the darling meet.   A very pretty spot, about a 20 minute walk through trees along a grassy track to a small wooden platform with a fabulous sweeping view across the confluence, down to the lock and beyond, just a faint glimpse of my house in the distance through the trees. that's the murray on the right, darling on the left and my house would be just out of the bottom left of the pic past that green area, Lock 10

 Printmaker Di Longley is coming to the end of a three week residency at the Art Vault and we decided to find and walk to the tip of the confluence - it will be a 
place to take visitors in future, an impressive place, specially at 

   Taken from the bridge that crosses to the island

My house looked very inviting from the front yard as we looked across to the confluence to the place we'd just been, watching the sun go down over the river - diamonds on the murray

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