Tuesday, 16 September 2014


YESTERDAY matt the mac guy came for the morning and took my new laptop to upgrade all my graphics and word programs.  also tutored me in apple tv, the connectivity of everything in the house, my music, etc.   Just what i needed.   The rest of the day was a write off, i'd intended to spend it in th sprint studio tidying and sorting, preparing for the classes on the weekend. but i just lay on the couch under a blanket, so weary.  at work today someone mentioned it could be the huge  amount of pollen and plant matter in the air after a windy week - we are surrounded by kilometres of crops after all. I hadn't thought about that before but maybe it was the cause.

WORK TODAY - and after getting home i had a walk around the garden with the camera.   at the bustop this morning a goat cam walking casually down the main street, up to the newsagent, across the road to look in the pub door, then followed a man down sandwich street and around the corner out of sight  (:0|

   what? the pub's not open at 7.45am?

Nice to get home tonight and have a slow walk down to the riverbank and around the garden with the camera
never too late to fish - it's almost sunset but they look settled in for the duration

my avocado is
shooting nicely,
one of three i've
grown from 
the stones

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