Thursday, 25 October 2018


BACK IN UBUD - it's as beautiful as ever, my view from the balcony is a historic old javanese roof that is the centrepiece of the lush gardens created around a ricefield.  frangipanis in all colours, lots of birds i can't identify. 

i arrived tuesday night around 11 and had to get up at 6 to go to my first workshop at Australian International School in Denpasar - it was a treat to just sit in the car for an hour looking out at the passing landscape and villages full of handmade workshops.  carved stone statues, wooden furniture all in open fronted shops onto the street.
the school and kids were great, more cats - very nice ones :0)

FESTIVAL OPENING NIGHT - last night was spectacular, as always held at the palace and steeped in balinese cultural performance.  a humid night under a big full moon so it was a day of ceremonies too,  every full moon.

OCTOBER 28  - last day of commitments!!  :0)
Charcoal making workshop this morning, i'm looking forward to it, home by lunchtime     

THESE PICS ARE SOME I'VE SENT TO YOU HELEN - so hopefully you can see them here darling sister.  I'm taking so many of them with you in mind, particularly the gorgeous tropical flowers and birds - the birds are mostly small and brown, but so sweet

               enjoying a throne each in the palace hotel, a dinner
               put on by the festival.  a simply stunning location
              up high looking down over a gully and out to mountains

we looked out into the garden and over behind
trees was this incredible statue, we asked to be taken
over for a close look - spectacular


    that's isobelle silhouetted, arms out at the bottom

    our session yesterday - all good, susan took the photos for me

   we move in here with susan and gail tomorrow 

              walking through the garden last night after dinner