Friday, 5 October 2018


 NO BLOGGING FOR A WEEK - i've had vicki staying so lots to do. we covered a lot of territory including the pooncarie races, a day at the copper making dyed paper and fabric, a trip to broken hill where we got lost and rescued by a kind farmer don who says he used to live in dan's house 2 doors from me :0)
lots of down time on the verandah and a visit to the native nursery, a big garage sale in curlwaa was an unexpected diversion.  now back to work, things to do, airbnb people coming today, friends calling in for a couple of nights on wed (i think) more airbnb friday.  and i'm gearing up for bali, trying to find summer clothes.

we enjoyed
a walk around
sue and derek's
while i checked
the chooks -
it's a haven

morning walk thru the cemetery

 filling the copper with concertina books and wool fabric

vicki got amazing results from the ironladen water

my hanging


looking like a seasoned punter in her panama hat :0)

we headed off to broken hill and about an hour out of wenty vicki realised she'd forgotten to fill the tank so we turned off to pooncarie and before we knew it we were on a wide dirt road without phone service. so we couldn't check the map, it was 12.30 so the sun wasn't much help and twice we came to T intersections and had to guess which way to go.  we were really starting to get worried but we got a signal and rang NRMA who said they'd be a couple of hours. it was hot and flat and dry.   but as i took photos a ute came down the road and i flagged him down.  don cullinan, he had a property nearby and took us for petrol at his historic old property so as vicki said, it became an adventure.  lovely to look around his old federation home, slab hut and property on the darling.  turns out he used to live 2 doors from my place and he and vicki may have relatives in common - cullinan, callinan  - often linked

    his beautiful dog meg

   He led us across lots of paddocks on a short cut back to the     bitumen and the trip continued

We really like broken hill, i've been before with sunny but this time we had more of a look around, it's full of such beautiful historic buildings in great condition, a fascinating unique town

we stayed at
mario's palace
hotel, why
would you
stay anywhere
else?   same
room sunny 
and i had

We drove out to Silverton and visited the gallery, home and studio of Albert Woodroffe, he has a terrific spot with a view right out over the desert landscape. and a beautiful dog called jack  :0)  not to mention a magnificent 1960'a thunderbird in immaculate condition


unbelievable lush interior

the horizon
gallery in

albert's studio is an old home that has been stripped inside ready for renovation but it looks absolutely beautiful as it is

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