Sunday, 15 September 2019


helen bought this terry denton
painting at our group show at
tussock upstairs, it's in my room
at don's place

THAT WAS A GREAT FEW DAYS AWAY - thursday to tuesday.  thursday in the grampians visiting don, canola fields all the way and
a fine meal cooked by don - as usual :0)

Friday i met up with gail at the cityeast motel, not far from the print workshop so very handy for luke's album launch at the grace darling in smith st.   a funny motel, NQR but not in any important way, it reminded me of places i've stayed in asia.  great location, inexpensive, nice staff and everything worked :0)

 we happened across an exhibition opening on the way to luke's gig so stopped in for a look and a champers, artist below

couldn't resist this shot - i'm sure he won't be reading my blog :0)

LUKE & SARAH perform their album at the Grace Darling, a good  night with gail and a very tired sunny - great to see her and we caught up briefly on saturday too before i headed down to torquay.

    SOUL SISTER SWING at the door gallery

THE DOOR GALLERY was the venue for gail's gig on saturday - it's a great place with terrific sound thanks to all the heavy wooden doors on the walls, beautiful aged carved doors from asia. 

i ran into old friend frank there which led to a visit where he gave me a USB stick with 2000 photos of geelong's club scene in '67- '69.  ron and i are there, judy and mark and faces i haven't seen for decades.  still have to get time to look thru them.   i'll edit some and share them on FB - see if we can get them to the people in the pics

great to catch up
with frank, i haven't
seen him for about 
30 years!

LAZY SUNDAY AFTERNOON listening to music at the door
gallery again.  and catching an exhibition opening next door.
before a day of shopping, a movie and a night at denise's, home tuesday through the canola fields again.

co proprietor of the gallery up at the papermill, a lovely space

sumi-e painting by lauren leviston - i have one of her works

beautiful japanese sumi-e painting by julian cornish

gave us the
so much space still to be used, i see a cavernous moody bar :0)

this woman (suzie someone?)  sang some great songs she'd written

the papermill 
complex is 
looking great
- gardens and
old bluestone
buildings all

- via birchip bakery for a beesting and a vanilla slice to take home :0)

blossom at ararat

LAST FRIDAY i headed over to nangiloc primary on the other side of mildura for a day of drawing and talk sessions.  a lovely little school on the murray, 38 kids - like a big noisy family.  a nice day but i was completely bushed all next day.

                             MARA HAS A CUPPA :0)

Friday, 6 September 2019


FINALLY my elusive echidna finally appeared after five years. i was outside turning off the hoses in the dark and huge a scuttling and very noisy crackling of leaves.  not a kangaroo, to big for a bird on the ground, could it be the goanna? at night?
then i saw a dark little shadow and there he was, waddling through the garden. i raced for the camera and my phone torch and followed from a distance then stood and waited.  he came across the lawn right past my feet and off down the riverbank.  i couldn't see where he ended up but i'm sure he has a burrow down there.  no good pics though  -  couldn't even get the snout in but it's great to see him.


I'M IN BED listening to the birds at don's.  the drive down was perfect, big blue skies, warm sun, huge everchanging clouds and podcasts :0)     the canola fields are in full bloom and they always
lift my spirits