Tuesday, 3 September 2019


RECENT PICS of my gorgeous son with the family - they're settling in to tokyo, spending a bit of time at the beach. i must check the map and see where that is, my geography is pretty awful :0(

a favorite visitor, the yellow rosella

THE KITCHEN is almost done, i changed all the new doorknobs back to the original wooden knobs, they suit the doors better and are nice to use.  happy now :0)  i have a new matchstick blind to put up  and the new fridge is installed.  lovely !!

these s/s knobs are gone now, i could see i'd always be straightening them and they just don't seem right.  happy with the cupboards though

climbing up and
realising how greasy
the shelving was up
high meant a clean
out of heaps of
glassware, everything
laid out all over the
kitchen - thank god it's back to normal now.

here it comes :0)

Had a lovely night on Saturday, sonja and helen came over around 
4 and after a couple of hours in warm sun on the verandah we had dinner,  mussels again :0)

sunrise on sunday morning

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