Sunday, 15 September 2019


helen bought this terry denton
painting at our group show at
tussock upstairs, it's in my room
at don's place

THAT WAS A GREAT FEW DAYS AWAY - thursday to tuesday.  thursday in the grampians visiting don, canola fields all the way and
a fine meal cooked by don - as usual :0)

Friday i met up with gail at the cityeast motel, not far from the print workshop so very handy for luke's album launch at the grace darling in smith st.   a funny motel, NQR but not in any important way, it reminded me of places i've stayed in asia.  great location, inexpensive, nice staff and everything worked :0)

 we happened across an exhibition opening on the way to luke's gig so stopped in for a look and a champers, artist below

couldn't resist this shot - i'm sure he won't be reading my blog :0)

LUKE & SARAH perform their album at the Grace Darling, a good  night with gail and a very tired sunny - great to see her and we caught up briefly on saturday too before i headed down to torquay.

    SOUL SISTER SWING at the door gallery

THE DOOR GALLERY was the venue for gail's gig on saturday - it's a great place with terrific sound thanks to all the heavy wooden doors on the walls, beautiful aged carved doors from asia. 

i ran into old friend frank there which led to a visit where he gave me a USB stick with 2000 photos of geelong's club scene in '67- '69.  ron and i are there, judy and mark and faces i haven't seen for decades.  still have to get time to look thru them.   i'll edit some and share them on FB - see if we can get them to the people in the pics

great to catch up
with frank, i haven't
seen him for about 
30 years!

LAZY SUNDAY AFTERNOON listening to music at the door
gallery again.  and catching an exhibition opening next door.
before a day of shopping, a movie and a night at denise's, home tuesday through the canola fields again.

co proprietor of the gallery up at the papermill, a lovely space

sumi-e painting by lauren leviston - i have one of her works

beautiful japanese sumi-e painting by julian cornish

gave us the
so much space still to be used, i see a cavernous moody bar :0)

this woman (suzie someone?)  sang some great songs she'd written

the papermill 
complex is 
looking great
- gardens and
old bluestone
buildings all

- via birchip bakery for a beesting and a vanilla slice to take home :0)

blossom at ararat

LAST FRIDAY i headed over to nangiloc primary on the other side of mildura for a day of drawing and talk sessions.  a lovely little school on the murray, 38 kids - like a big noisy family.  a nice day but i was completely bushed all next day.

                             MARA HAS A CUPPA :0)

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