Wednesday, 30 March 2016


NEW PICS of rene's lovely family


   THE EGRET - most elegant of birds and such an efficient fisher

the darter's cackling accompanied the whole weekend

young whistling kite making that lovely call


GAIL, IAN, JENNY AND FREDDIE left first Monday morning, then Susan and Sean, Luke and Sunny.  The others stayed another day and we spent a lovely day playing with watercolours down on the riverbank, accompanied by gin and tonics :0)     Rob was happy lounging with a paper over his face while he listened to the Cats thrashing the Hawks

     toodles guys  :0)
what fun we had
dear jenny d built me this platform for the bbq

the butcher bird dropped in for a visit, noisy miner looks on

Monday, 28 March 2016


IT'S BEEN A GREAT WEEKEND filled with people, we've just spread out all over the riverbank and soaked up the beautiful soft sunshine we've had, perfect weather.  Walks around town, a trip into mildura to the market and a beer in Langtree, surprised on easter Saturday to find both Seasons and the Brewery closed at lunchtime.
We awoke yesterday to find little baskets of eggs and a chocky bunny at our bedroom doors :0)

lovely to meet luke and have his soft guitar accompanying
our chats out under the stars
The beautiful full moon rose over the lock, big and yellow the second night

we called in to visit mer and dee,  gail had a good long chat to mer about her music setup and susan and i drooled over dee's gorgeous silversmithing equipment.  I'd love to learn more about making jewellery, hope she has classes at some stage

the moon looking a bit wobbly through the atmosphere over the lock
it got cooler as the evening wore on but no-one wanted to go inside

Saturday, 26 March 2016


A DAY OF CLEANING - windows, the garden, house.  Then everyone started arriving around 3.  it's funny to see the yard filled with vans and a tent, it's become a camping ground.
we spent all afternoon outside on the riverbank, had a barbie and luke played gentle guitar as a background to our chat as we sat around the fire until about 11. we had a lovely evening, 12 of us
all together for the long weekend :0)
Terrible photos by me tho :0(   i forgot until fairly late.

Thursday, 24 March 2016


I LOOKED OUT TO SEE THE FULL MOON shining through my bedroom window this morning, naturally i had to get up and go outside to take some pics


THE WEATHER IS A TREAT - beautiful autumn, warm days, cool breezy nights.  i spent the day cleaning, more to do today.  donnie invited me over to go next door to the vineyards and pick the leftover 'crimsons', beautiful little sweet grapes.  i've got two big bagfuls for the weekend.

beautiful full moon last night

Tuesday, 22 March 2016


A very nice morning walk in soft sun. printing, home stuff.  

    the gorgeous nature strip, I must find out what these flowers are

some kind of grebe, can't find my bird book

this cute little one man houseboat passed by today