Wednesday, 9 March 2016


YES, THE HEAT GOES ON . . . and on, but the trusty evaporative cooler has decided not to play up any more and even though it's on its lowest setting, i'm quite cool here sitting in bed.
the birds seem to be surviving, it's been 40 for about 8-9 days at least and will continue till friday when it will drop to around 34 for the open studio day on saturday.  It's going to be a bit hot to 
be demonstrating printing all day, hopefully my two big fans will do the trick.  tarting up the studio this week won't be such fun though.   even this morning it's balmy outside, the first morning that hasn't been cool and fresh.   might have to escape to a movie today or tomorrow.

yesterday's walk - early

saltbush - lovely papery flowers

under the sprinklers

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