Sunday, 13 March 2016


WHAT A GREAT DAY - i was up early mounting prices on foamcore, 
designing little posters etc and set to getting the back porch all sorted, the studio was already looking pretty 
good :0)  

Di arrived to help out so i went and tied a bunch of balloons on the front street post and headed to the studio to get set up for printing at 10.
no one came till after 11, i was beginning to think it was all for nought :0\   but then they arrived, in twos and fours, and it continued non stop till four.   about 90 people i reckon, i printed all day and one demo of inking up a plate and applying the patterned paper and running through the press was about 10 minutes, just enough for a chat and a result to show.  It all went smoothly, i sold some books and a pelican print and a few cards and got 12 prints done.  

                                 Signing for local Michael Keenan

fellow SIP photographer Russell Murphy kindly took some pics
in the studio while i was demonstrating

a productive day

We finished up the day by getting together down at the lock lawns, everyone just spread out on the cool grass under the trees and had a bbq tea while the sun went down on a very successful day. everyone had a busy day, parking was nowhere to be had in the main street.  A good day for Wentworth and the Makers.

Artist Dorothy and partner John who does great things down at 
the primary school's wonderful kitchen garden

                                                Dee Craig, wonderful silversmith

    A beautiful moon on the way home

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