Tuesday, 22 March 2016


THE WEATHER IS PERFECT, i had a brisk walk down to the supermarket at 8am and was almost cold.  the golf course is green and gorgeous and covered in wood ducks.
Quickly home to get ready for a morning of printing with anne. she arrived around 9.30 and we played in the studio till midday. no pics coz the battery was flat :0/

Then a quick change and we both drove into mildura for the meeting of Arts Mildura, figuring out it's future.  Left early to get back for our own Makers meeting at the pub.  what a difference, from a meeting about an organisation that has failed and needs to re-think itself to our own group which is just starting out and full of energy and enthusiasm.  An interesting contrast.

I took these pics around 7 as the sun came up

whoo hoo   the easter moon is almost here 

Lovely pic of proud rene

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