Monday, 7 March 2016


JANEEN AND JON ARRIVED yesterday around 11 after and overnight stop in renmark.  i was so tired, it's been too busy lately.  janeen was pretty lowkey too.  i think we really both needed a couple of hours sleep, the heat makes sleep shallower and i've been waking up tired.

but we rallied and got down to the book launch and what started to look like a pretty small attendance gradually grew to pretty much fill the gallery. we each sold quite a lot of books and our librarian peggy did a nice job of introducing us. Good atmosphere and chris john from the photography group  took pics for us, braving the heat to come from mildura.

anne hederics introduced our librarian peggy, who launched the book            Chris John photo
janeen with the little bear i knitted her      Chris John photo
signing a book for dawn, grandmother
of tyrone, who modelled for the boy
in the story       Chris John photo

wearing my new pants, very widecut leg, looks like
a skirt, i love the paisley fabric      Peter Lamb photo

                 Peter Lamb got a lot of good pics on the day

                              with peggy                      peter lamb photo                          
                             I'm really pleased with the way the work
                             looks on the walls, it all fits perfectly and
                             the colours look great   peter lamb photo

 friend peter lamb took some great pics of the launch and then yesterday, at the Walk Wentworth Sing event, various choirs singing around the town in public and historic buildings and at artback, ending with a casual dinner of sausage in bread or hamburger with salad, informal and yummy.

Merrilyn Air, local musician lead the singing - she's produced
a cd of original music based on this area, lovely atmospheric
instrumentals with sounds of butcher birds, frogs and other
local bird life - lovely music to work to

Janeen and jon headed off yesterday around 11 and i spent some time at the singing events and a bit of down time at home, still 40+ and last night the evaporative cooler just stopped, i slept with two fans on and this morning after calling jimmy (cooler repairer) i realised the circuit breaker had switched itself off.  so it's working again -  jimmy wasn't sure why that happened, hopefully it will soldier on thru this damn heat wave.

an hour later -  i spoke too soon, it's switched off again so an electrician's coming to have a look at it  grrr

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