Thursday, 17 March 2016


THE MORNINGS ARE BEAUTIFUL now, cool and comfortable. Days are still vey warm, 35 today, but tomorrow is going to be 25 - whoo hoo, maybe rain today.  i won't hold my breath though.

I walked on the island yesterday, there were birds everywhere. I saw a family of darters, the adults flying off to find food and coming back honking all the way. they make a strange sound, very metallic and loud.  fabulous birds.


MEANWHILE in Mildura, crested pigeons are taking over the town.  these birds make me laugh, and i love the whirring sound they make as they fly

I TOOK THESE SHOTS as i headed to the ARt Vault for an opening of work by local artists, i have two monoprints in it.  

nice dinner afterwards with sonja, helen and visiting artist susan wald and partner ted.  I'm doing her monoprint workshop on saturday.

very happy with this 'pash' shot taken with sonja's phone in front
of a recent graffiti addition to the art vault laneway wall
susan and ted

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