Monday, 29 February 2016


on the computer the poor old blog has been a bit of an afterthought.  I'm blobbing on the couch now till it's up to date :0)

I was invited to be part of a focus group to be addressed and ask questions of the council on thursday. The sky on the way home was spectacular

this amazing double decker houseboat glided past on Friday morning

The lovely sonja had a birthday on Saturday, we had a dinner at the Brewery and i made her a necklace, here she is wearing it

NEWEST PICS of little Mara

SUNDAY,  I WAS INVITED to lunch with ollie and fran, new friends who live over at red cliffs. on the way i dropped in to see members of the photography group who were mounting the biographies i've assembed, for our exhibition on friday night

jenny, chris and carolyne getting stuck into it

on the way there

in ollie and fran's amazing garden, a cornucopia of fruit and vegetables and beautiful native trees


DRAGON FRUIT, with mulberries peaches, icecream and chocolate - all the fruit from the garden

THIS MORNING on my walk to get the paper

these pretty
magnet frames
arrived with a
note from
helen, not too
many days
after her

Friday, 26 February 2016


morning walk on the
island - still water, 
lovely reflections.
i found a small dead
bird in the middle of
the track - a tree
martin i think, looking
at my bird book.

LAST night's full moon,
on a hot hot night, it's 
been about 42 the last
couple of days but
my new ducts for
the evaporative cooler
are doing the trick

it was a sleepless
night - i was up at 3, 4.
5 and 6.30 taking
pics, the moon was
just setting at 7.30
as the sun came up

as the
moon sets


ON THE WAY home from a meeting of local businesses to which i was invited - fabulous sunset, if i'd been 10 minutes earlier . . .

 I WAS getting ready to go to bed at midnight so i went out to turn off the hoses.  And there was the moon :0|      now it's 1a.m. and i'm still mucking around with photos

Moving around on the lawn the sensor light came on

Wednesday, 24 February 2016


    Little smiling blossom


3AM  HARD TO SLEEP  even with the cooler on it's still 24deg. Looks like a couple of hours of TV for this little black duck.
lovely full moon
out there

DINNER AT THE PUB last night after a meeting with The Makers about our open studio day on March 12.  Time to send all the media stuff out again. 

This little guy on top 
of the pub must be
doing a late delivery

Tuesday, 23 February 2016

more baby pics

no more first hand news, tried to raise rene on the phone but no answer,  it's so frustrating, thank god for all the pics on facebook.  here are some more

Rene, still managing to look like a kid, with Jamel, a
great guy who works in the shop

what a little petal, with auntie yuna, sayaka's sister - a wonderful friend and sister and support to rene and sayaka

the gamut of emotions . . .

Monday, 22 February 2016


LITTLE SPUDLETTE, TINY ROSEBUD, precious pearl, a new granddaughter, i was so busy sending pics with emails and facebook and texts i forgot all about the blog.
Here she is 7lb and waiting for a name