Tuesday, 2 February 2016

SUNDAY - now what did i do?

Driving back from mildura after photographing peter on Saturday

Our photography group is having a show called Shades of Grey - hidden gems of our community and i'm photographing friend Peter Byrne because of his enthusiastic non-stop tree planting 

I HAD A GOOD WALK in the morning - took the laptop and did a bit of work at artback cafe, writing the bios for the two black and white portraits i'm putting in the SIP Photographers show in March. it was nice sitting out in the courtyard under a tree and anne joined me for a cuppa.
Saw lots of people i know and i realise i'm really becoming part of the town. I know so many people here now.
It's been gorgeous weather, cool nights and warm breezy days so i've been working well. Making progress on the book, i worked on illustrations most of the afternoon. 

MONDAY - started with the first walk on the island in weeks. last time i contacted the council about trimming back the plants growing across the track and they've still done nothing about it. i had to hold my arms in front of my face to get through the long bamboo-like grass towards the end so i've taken photos now to send to the council.

This lovely family of kangaroos was in the carpark when i got to the island. so nice to be there again

ANNE is coming to print with me on monday mornings in return for her selling my books at the cafe free of commission.  a good exchange and it's nice to have another person in the studio. i've rearranged everything and it's all working well, lots of bench space 

When i headed out there were eight rainbow bee-eaters in the garden near the print studio. they're the most beautiful little birds and i've never seen one here at my place before. i felt blessed, that's the only word for it. they stayed for a while, trilling and flitting, flying up to catch insects, almost stopping momentarily mid air and circling back to their perch.  they don't stay long, they're only here for a short time each year so i'm very lucky

they're the most gorgeous iridescent colours,  kingfisher blue and green on the back but a lovely saffron orange/tan on the wings when they fly, very special

in the big old rose bush down near the shed, exotic visitors

A surprise,  these lovely belladonna lilies have
come out around the claret ash

After the thrill of the bee-eaters visit anne and i printed all morning then i continued all afternoon and got about 7 more dresses done

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