Saturday, 20 February 2016


up early on thursday, 7am down at the
rowing club for pics
IT'S BEEN a busy and tense couple of weeks, waiting for helen's op and at the same time taking photos for the council website, writing up all the bios (well typesetting) for our photo exhibition, getting a start on a commission painting, framing work for the art vault 'local' show, buying materials to mount the work for the 'Where's Jessie?' book launch and exhibition, doing the press releases and fliers for the various arts festival events in wentworth, meetings involved, presenting 'the makers' group and what they're doing at the council last week, along with anne from artback and another supporter of our group, barry.   I need a break :0)   i fitted that lovely lunch in there last week and that was just wonderful.  

The weather's been great, not too hot but sunny every day. the garden's surviving and I'm managing. Most of the work is out of the way and now i can look forward to Janet and Bevan visiting this week :0)

 The moon is getting bigger by the day - or night

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