Friday, 26 February 2016


morning walk on the
island - still water, 
lovely reflections.
i found a small dead
bird in the middle of
the track - a tree
martin i think, looking
at my bird book.

LAST night's full moon,
on a hot hot night, it's 
been about 42 the last
couple of days but
my new ducts for
the evaporative cooler
are doing the trick

it was a sleepless
night - i was up at 3, 4.
5 and 6.30 taking
pics, the moon was
just setting at 7.30
as the sun came up

as the
moon sets


ON THE WAY home from a meeting of local businesses to which i was invited - fabulous sunset, if i'd been 10 minutes earlier . . .

 I WAS getting ready to go to bed at midnight so i went out to turn off the hoses.  And there was the moon :0|      now it's 1a.m. and i'm still mucking around with photos

Moving around on the lawn the sensor light came on

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