Sunday, 14 October 2018


IT'S BEEN A CRAZY WEEK - Helen was sounding not good earlier in the week so i decided to drive to ballarat to see her.  left at 7, got there at 2.  and it was great to see her looking relaxed and wide awake, the old helen despite tubes and bruises from meds and other medical equipment.  i had a good two hour visit and stayed in the dodgiest motel :0)  very funny home made decor a la vietnam, reminded me of the camellia hotel where gail and i stayed years ago in hanoi.

   so many well-meaning hand made touches :0)

dodgy op shop sightings in ballarat

Some shopping before visiting helen again thursday morning, then driving home to meet friend kaye and her friend eileen for dinner at the pub.  they stayed two nights and we spent friday looking around mildura.

 looking at
papier mache
bowls on
show at the
art centre.
i could do
like this with
eco dyed
paper and
fabric i'm

 beautiful stitching on
works in the exhibition
called 'sense of place'
- textiles and printmaking
all inspired by the
sunraysia landscape

it has actually rained three days in a row, light and steady - not long enough but these tiny orchid like flowers pop up whenever there's rain after a long dry period

SPRING - gorgeous in the garden

Kaye and eileen at wenty's crazy botanical tourist attraction :0)

beautiful evenings, still days

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