Thursday, 25 September 2014


YESTERDAY WAS GREY AND DAMP AND WONDERFUL - i was very tired, it was one of my 'walking round in circles' days - a day when i could have done a lot but just didn't settle on one thing.
i did get started on collecting images for my new website, started tidying the house, finished the last bit of artwork for my current book and sent off a pdf of the whole thing, caught a mouse (no effort required), started a bit of moving things in my old studio, now going to be a third bed/sitting room for guests (possibly tenants in future).  I've decided to put in a sliding door making a self contained bedsit, bathroom and toilet with it's own external locking door.  could be a nice little earner in the
future (going forward :0)
Hopefully today i'll have more energy, i'm excited about creating a new room now that the print studio is looking like such a good place to work.  and I still have the whole
big living/dining area to work in when i need the cooling system on.   It takes a long time to work out how to use a house, i moved here on September 13th so I've just passed the two year mark.  

Last night i found
The Bachelor and the
Bobbysoxer on Apple
tv, haven't seen it for
years but it's just as

good as ever.

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