Tuesday, 30 August 2016


YESTERDAY the Mildura English Language Centre students came for my artist's walk through of the exhibition.  they were a terrific bunch, really attentive and involved, asked lots of questions.  i'm hoping they're coming out to visit me at wentworth next month, i'm thinking we could make a group concertina book with the eucalyptus leaves, each having a page.  very quick to do, then i'd take the book in to them when it comes out of the boiler and is dried.  hope they come :0)   
i've got new airbnb people here for three nights, anne and vern. she's getting a lurgy, doesn't sound good so i'm going to make chicken soup today, some for me and some for them.

down at the lock yesterday morning

also had a visit from yoga teacher sam and her mum, sam's commissioned me to do annette's portrait, so we're working it out

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