Friday, 25 September 2020


FRIDAY last week was a very blokey day here, testosterone all over the place.  I had bob and max on the roof from 9.30 till 6 installing a very tricky custom made strip of guttering - lots of hammering and stomping around up there.  And the new garden guy was mowing, whippersnippering and leaf blowing all around the house. Then Sam called in and removed all the windows from the bungalow in readiness for demolition.    i felt like i was hiding inside, which i was.

But the guttering looks great, almost a work of art and the yard is coming together, looking somewhat more under control.  i've been feeling a bit out of control with this moon boot.  even getting into the garden to water the pot plants is tricky.  

At the end of the day Di called round with food for sam, her and me so it was nice to sit on the verandah with friends.  A lot got done.

BOB and MAX take a break - vege soup for lunch

WE'VE HAD RAIN on and off this week, lovely to hear and waking up to damp smells and tropical air is a real treat.

BEAUTIFUL MORNINGS TOO - soft pink sunrises

THE WISTERIA IS OUT and it has a lovely faint fragrance

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