Saturday, 9 November 2013


I'VE JUST BEEN CHECKING my blog from this time last year, i was just about to have my melt down.  The pump was playing up, i didn't understand it or the whole watering of the place at all. everything was on top of me,  not that you'd know it looking at what i wrote - just  a couple of references to feeling stressed.  I remember so vividly the feeling of those anxiety attacks, i hope i never have to go through that again.  I was looking at the photo of Helen and Don's visit around november 9, i seriously burnt the apple pie, couldn't do anything properly.   

hmmm   i just noticed that glass of wine next to the oven - maybe
that had something to do with it :0)

i remember doing the collagraph workshop next day, prickly head, dry mouth, couldn't eat, weak in the legs.  at that stage i didn't realise that what i was experiencing was an anxiety attack - once i knew, i found out how to manage them (thanks to my dear friend sandra)  and it all resolved itself after a week with my dear friends down south.  thanks buddies :0)

So much has been sorted since then, although the watering is still not doing what i really wanted - to water the main parts of the garden automatically while i'm away.  all because of a tiny leak somewhere on the property. if we could find that,  i could leave the pump on all the time and the automatic system could operate when i 'm not here.   But search as i do, i can't find any spot that looks like it's getting water from a leak in the underground pipes.

I still feel overwhelmed by the size of the place from time to time, but the area around the house is all
good.  I hope some of my large shrubby plants (still only inches high) that i've planted on the big dry
area closer to the road manage to grow.  they're the things i can't water properly when i'm not here. 
Still, that's not part of my garden, it's just a big buffer area between me and the road. 

I've hung nearly all my artwork - only took a year  :0)     Today i'm going to the pics with donnie and peter, and getting back into the print studio (garage) to keep sorting it out.   the weather's cooler, low
20's and perfect for work.

Hopefully i'll get onto the swan lake project again next week when i've sorted out my various work spaces inside and in the print studio - once you change one thing, everything else needs resorting. The lounge room is in the process of being reorganised now that the prints are all up on the wall.

just thinking out loud (on paper?)   -  no, thinking onscreen here.

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