Wednesday, 13 November 2013


YESTERDAY turned into a day on the couch - a head feeling like lead.  i wish i could throw off this lurgy,  at least today i just have to stay here waiting for a courier, so i'll get into the studio room again and keep clearing it out.  i now have a full wall of the life drawings i haven't been able to throw out,  some dating back  10 years to the days when i did life drawing with godwin bradbeer.   they were such amazing afternoons, i still miss them.
The builder finally came yesterday (got me out of bed after i'd decided to try to sleep in the afternoon) and installed the bevelled mirror doors to the bathroom cabinet.  they look good, although if i wanted to be picky the wings aren't exactly level, about 3 mm discrepancy.  but i'm ignoring it,  sigh.

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