Friday, 29 November 2013


AH, IT'S GOOD to be in my own bed again. i was getting to that stage where you wake up and as your eyes gradually adjust to the light you just don't know where you are.  why is that window there?  where's the door?  oh, i'm at helen's, or denise's, or janet's or gail's or sunny's or helen's again.

a good trip home, sunny's here till monday and we shared the driving.

things here look very dry after a week without water, it's obviously been very hot and i'm afraid my persimmon may be kaput.  i'll keep it watered, the roots may be ok but the
leaves are all dry - very sad.

 little friends in sunny's bathroom, it was lovely to spend time with sunny and dean in their
home - renos are coming along nicely

grassfires on the way 
through the wimmera 
after leaving the 

bluey always enjoys the
SCRABBLE CHAMP FINN - i've been thrashed by my great-nephew! 

looks like briggs bluff ahead as we leave helen's driveway

i always love driving through the wimmera with its wonderful silos beside the highway.  i've never seen the wheatfields looking so beautiful,  miles and miles of them

creepy models in vinnies 
ouyen shop.   very 
disconcerting having 
these spooky eyes
following you around 
the room

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