Tuesday, 19 November 2013


YESTERDAY still feeling funny when i woke up but it passed,  i'm nearly finished re-organising the house, ready to start work.  i had my first swim at the pool today, it opens november to march.  it's an outdoor pool and i've always swum on the 3 mornings it opens from 7-8,  but yesterday i swam at 2p.m. and had the whole pool to myself.  the lanes aren't sectioned off either, so it's wonderfully free to swim and float in.   it was just lovely.    so i'll be organising my days around an afternoon swim and break.

TODAY i'm going into mildura for a film with donnie, yoga this afternoon and i've invited friends for a barbie, it'll be really hot today so i hope the cool change comes over this afternoon.

YESTERDAY'S PICS, evening down on the edge of the river

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