Saturday, 9 November 2013


I spent a lot of today hanging all the artwork i've bought and swapped over the past years.  about 30 framed works i bought with me, they've been sitting around the living room, propped up against the walls.  I couldn't decide where and how to hang them,  did i group them by artists, subject matter,  size,
association??    it's taken a year and finally  i just got on with it.   very satisfying  :0)  
I'm really happy with the result.

work by matthew roberts, janet goldman, bridget farmer, katherine hattam, martin king, 13.4.13, anne macmaster, elizabeth barnett and me.  so nice to be able to just sit here and see them all together.

work by elizabeth barnett, damon kowarsky, janet goldman, kirrily hammond, me, lauren leviston,and libby letcher
i just glanced out the window and there was this lovely campfire over the river.  once i zoomed in for a shot, all these images presented themselves.

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