Friday, 8 November 2013


IT'S BEEN a week of not feeling 100%, this bug i've got is in my head and chest,i feel bad that denise is here and i'm not as energetic as i could be.  but we had a fun afternoon on cup day, we  put some bets on at the Wenty club and had a champagne there, then brought home lots of yummy food and watched it all on telly - i backed the winner :0)

It's friday now, denise left yesterday and i just rested and started sorting out my framed artwork - i haven't put much on the walls since i've been here, there's so much to put up
i haven't known where to start.   I've started.

Here's a recap of the week in pics

the sun
has moved
around so
that it
comes up
over the lock.
it's blinding
in the morning
if i wander 
out into the

THE PELICANS have moved over to my trees on the riverbank - about eight are there every morning - they're very hard to sneak up on,  i have to walk down hiding behind tree trunks so they don't fly off - they usually spot me and make deep grunting noises to
each other.   sounds like complaining :0)

DENISE AND I visited Rio Vista - the Chaffey family home, it's a beautiful Victorian building, wonderful old textured paper walls, terazzo floors and rich leadlight.  it's  a lovely place.  

Yesterday i dropped denise at the bus at 9.45.  the driver was such a grumpy rude man, various people were commenting on it. i hope her trip was a good one.   we were wondering what all these features on the door were about, definitely no bar on the bus, and the driver was definitely not first class

jacarandas are
at the moment.

 feeling very proud of dean who's just
won the Chancellor's prize for best PhD at
Melbourne Uni  :0)

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