Sunday, 17 November 2013


LIFEDRAWING today at steve hederics' place Tara.  it's a group of buildings, a small rustic living space and large separate shed that's been converted into a great studio space, lots of windows looking onto fruit trees and river redgums.   it was just the two of us and model jess, who's lovely to draw and great to talk to.  a very nice few hours with lunch at artback in the middle of the day.
ring neck parrot outside the house at tara, i love the colours in this pic

then home to change and into mildura for the closing of the 5th anniversary show at the Art Vault, also the closing show for anita klein whose work was in the back gallery.

anita with paintings she's done during her art vault residency

happy girls  - a wedding party opposite the art vault - why would you be choosing this spot for a shot?? 

 We finished the day with drinks at julie's - it was a lovely breezy warm evening
no one sits in the sun up here  -  steve and kev

anne hederics takes a quiet moment in julie and kev's garden

ON THE DRIVE HOME - i stopped at the lock to capture the evening sky

THIS MORNING - looking in the opposite direction

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