Wednesday, 19 September 2018


AFTER MISSING OUT on the week of workshops i had planned as part of the great Grampians Brushes week, i had a very quiet week at home catching up on computer stuff and knitting, sewing and couch based stuff.  i'm glad i did stay home in bed because i didn't end up with any awful chest infections etc.    a sinusy head and low energy was my lot, couldn't think straight but i got over it and headed down on sunday for helen's 70th.  great to see chris, sam and jaime, claire, mal and jules.  and the weather was kind so i got to have a good long walk to the lake and get some pics of gorgeous birds and the canola fields.  back home now and getting a grant application together, working on my print for the print workshop and finishing an illustration for a law firm. 

did a bit of pushing tables around in the studio today, rejigging the layout - and richard arrived about an hour after i got home last night from a day on the sunraysia highway - with my new sink on its stand.   :0)   beeeuudiful!

i had time to retouch this favourite old family photo, l to r: auntie myra, grandma anne, daddy, uncle jim, auntie edna, uncle tal and grandpa george

i finished off this
jumper, the second
version of an old
vogue pattern.

heading off along the Sunraysia highway, gorgeous silos
 Got to Helen's around 12.30 for lunch with the family :0)


morning walk

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