Sunday, 31 December 2017


WELL, i've ordered a new split system airconditioner to go in the airbnb room, so friends who come and stay there (you know who you are) will be able to come year round and be comfortable :0)
5 years interest free terms at the good guys :0)  done and dusted

i took a long walk today, from town across the bridge down to the island.  once on the island i took my time and photographed birds, i was looking for the lovely variegated fairy wren i spotted the other day and they were there in droves. there's a whole group with full grown young ones.

and i saw a lot of others besides.   this baby wren . . .

i watched this swan swim around into a quite little inlet and walked down to find it with its mate.  the mate was finding reeds and things to line a nest i thought, and after my walk to the island i returned and saw her sitting alone on the nest.  i'll keep an eye on them for the next few weeks.

these two little boobook owls were being mobbed by a bunch of bluefaced honeyeaters

this large tree has split in half and fallen right across
the track, i had to hoist myself over bum first :0)
    red rumped grass parrot, so lovely and so iridescent

then into town to get the aircon and now, eating things i love, seafood and chocolate mousse with champagne cocktails on the side for new year's eve, although i might not make midnight :0)

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