Tuesday, 31 January 2017


IBIS, A HERON AND SPOONBILLS down in a small wetland area left after the floods, i scared them and they flew up into this terrific tree, just for me :0)

MUCH SQUAWKING led me outside
to find the goanna, look pretty fat,
climbing a tall tree with two very
bolshy cockies really giving him a
hard time.

he's about 5 feet long and quite

STILL NO NBN  it's supposed to be put on tomorrow between 8-12am - fingers crossed. here's a catch up on the week

AUSTRALIA DAY - the council held the ceremony in the Wentworth Club building which will soon house the council, visitors centre and more. it's a great move and the huge spaces lend themselves to all kinds of things - maybe some space for the Makers to exhibit.

fashion designer Charlie Brown is an
Australia Day ambassador and gave the
main speech.  her necklace is a gift
from council and is one of the gorgeous
pieces made by Dianne Craig, one
of our Wentworth Makers group.
the Ruby came down through the lock and past my place, i love to see the riverboats go by

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