Wednesday, 26 February 2020


WELL . . . the week has been dominated by the loss of my phone and as i sit here and type i'm sure it's no more than 10m away but do you think i can find it.   had to buy another one and now apple ID won't recognise my new phone (it wants to  send a verification code to my old phone!)   so frustrating because i can't access any apps or the cloud  - have to re enter my contacts one by one.   sigh.  still trying to get help. 

gorgeous clouds coming back from town yesterday

these little petals are our constant companions at pilates, layla is our instructor lou's daughter and the other little fella belongs to one of the class.   now they're getting close to walking we're wondering what the future will bring :0)    they're hilarious as they watch, bamboozled, as we do our various horizontal and upside down exercises 

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