Sunday, 1 March 2020


HE HE!  After all the hassles of getting my new phone up and running, all good, i finally found the old one.  it was at the bottom of a large tub of water that i left in the garden for the kangaroos.  i decided to empty it onto a dry looking vine and there at the bottom was my poor phone.  it must have dropped out of my shirt pocket, a very bad habit that i have.  i must only have it outside in my special
little carry bag. 
tax scares are over, the phone is sorted, i've had a couple of agents to look at the house, now i have time to work on my book and sonja's portrait.
she came out for friday night, we had a nice dinner at home, a sitting next day after attending an auction down the road ( good price, $500,000) and a sitting, then a movie in the afternoon.
not happy at all with the portrait, i think i may have to destroy it and start again?  not sure

this was how it
was when i started
on saturday after
a week of not
looking at it - there
is none of sonja's
warmth here

still not capturing sonja at all  :0(

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