Saturday, 7 March 2020


THE WENTWORTH LIBRARY invited me to go down and watch the Australian ballet doing an interactive session with the littlies at storytime.  they were doing the nutracker.  of course i rushed down with the camera and was pretty disappointed that there was one girl there in black tshirt and pants who read them the story and then did actions with all the kids.  my romantic notions of gorgeous costumes and elegant dancers went out the window.  but it was lovely, the little kids were so funny, and the boys who looked horrified at first that they were asked to join in, ended up trying the hardest.

I loved watching the boys,
at the beginning they
didn't want to take off
their shoes or get
involved, but they ended
up being completely into
it, concentrating hard, 
really listening then
just going for it  :0)

i got home and trashed sonja's portrait, it just wasn't working so i've started again and i can see the painting i want ready to emerge :0)

LAST NIGHT susan came out with thomas middlemost, huge monoprint expert and collector, also her daughter romy and friends anne and drew.
it's been cooler this week, just delightful.  perfect temperature to sit out on the verandah

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