Friday, 27 April 2018


AT LAST i feel i'm getting sorted - the leaking solanoid is fixed so i'm watering the garden again, continuing to sort out the wrong handle drama in the studio, i think i've figured out how to photoshop together the last image for the book.  now to do a revised cover rough. 

getting there, combining lots of things.  the designer can finesse the captions  -  i've reached the limits of my talents

i walked into the studio today and had a good stand in there, getting the feel of it. it's great to look out across the fence thru the new windows.  i'll have to do some work in the backyard to improve the view,  as vicki says 'grow a bush in front of it'.  the bad end of the bungalow faces the studio, i think some wiring and climbers might do the trick  :0)
off to have a drink with sue and derek, my first human contact since getting home on wednesday aside from the supermarket checkout and the newsagent.  and of course brendan who's fixed the water problem     gorgeous autumn weather - i love it

a funny old moon last night - reminds me of the magic pudding

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