Friday, 20 April 2018


 WE SPEND A LOT OF TIME ALONE working in our rooms so it was nice this afternoon to drive to nearby blackheath to visit Margaret Hamilton, former publisher and now writer and proprietor of Pinerolo, a centre for illustrators to do residencies which houses her wonderful collection of original book illustration. she also holds workshops in aspects of children's literature and lives there with her designer/artist husband Max.
we drove back into katoomba to meet up with the blue mountains illustrators group - once again at the beautiful Carrington hotel. there were about eight of us, a lively
night of meeting new people and putting a face to names i knew well like Tohby Riddle (in the middle)

a sensational break in the clouds on the drive back from blackheath

a visitor outside my window, there were three large cockies working their way
through the tree eating the  spiky round seed pods

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