Monday, 16 April 2018


A GOOD DAY -  i got some stuff done super early, before i got up. drove julienne, a fellow resident, to the station and then left the car and walked to the next town, Leura.  wow! talk about wall to wall shops, little shops with locally made beautiful jewellery,  interesting clothes, all the same kinds of shops but each with its own take.  i had a lovely wander and treated myself to some handmade earrings (my gift to myself for my shortlisting, that's the excuse).  walked back (lots of hills so puffing a bit). then home and onto the bed to cradle the laptop on my lap (naturally) and do a lot of photoshopping and sorting of files all afternoon.  i got a lot done :0)
then picked up by Margaret Hamilton who has a children's book program on Blue Mountains Radio, an hour program on which i was the guest tonight.   i've met margaret years ago when she was a children's publisher, now she lives up here.
a new resident has arrived here at varuna tonight, i must get a photo of us all soon.   another great dinner from sheila, all good :0)
beautiful sundown from my room
a little later, sunset from the studio of RBM 89.1 

Margaret in her spot

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