Tuesday, 24 April 2018


AFTER SYDNEY i chained myself to the laptop and tried to get all the scans finished. i'm over being intimidated by the task i've set myself, it's almost done and i think it's all ok.

i've done some work on 'skip' but it's completely unresolved. i'm hoping he's at the stage where everything's thrown out there, and now it just has to settle into place. sounds easy  :0+

a walk around varuna's garden

a last walk around the clifftop walk, 2 hours from varuna to the 3 sisters then the prince henry walk back up and around to echo point and home.  so busy - school holidays and weekend, tourist buses everywhere

 AUTUMN - it's all happened this week, glorious

MONDAY MORNING,  everything's done, work finished, car
packed up so it's goodbye to dias and rose.  nick and jane left yesterday
I'D FORGOTTEN what a drive i'd set myself for today, katoomba to deniliquin.  it said 8 hours + on google maps but i drove from 9.15 to 7.15 without much stopping.  got to deniliquin in the dark and had a fine old time finding my motel, it's way out on the edge of town.  all good this morning, tuesday.  heading to helen's before i go home.  an easy day of driving and op shopping.

a lot of smoke haze around from burning off

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  1. Thank you very much for sharing a wonderful post. I love your black and white. Photos are very beautiful, always! Cheers, Sadami


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