Thursday, 26 April 2018


WOW   three days of driving - i'm really getting used to it.  the drive to deniliquin was way too long, but driving down to the Grampians was fine. not terribly interesting though so it was good to arrive to one of don's yummy meals.  helen was very tired and had a really early night so i didn't get to spend much time with her but it was good to have a night talking to don.  i'll go back soon.

After a lot of warm weather it was a crisp foggy morning when i left.  beautiful to watch the sun trying to shine through as i left early.

 i always love entering the mallee and seeing the silos against that incredible blue sky

and now there's haystack art!!  :0)

now i'm home and already there's a 'to do' list.  the garage looks completely different with the new doors and windows but apart from the doors being in back to front ):-(   grrrr   the handles aren't what i ordered.  i paid quite a bit for brushed metal large handles and i've got crummy shiny smaller ones. 
i have books to send, prints to look up, a leaking solarnoid which is part of the automatic watering system, looking at the ground it's been leaking for a while and that means the pump keeps coming on and off.   another phone call.

so . . . i'm just thinking out loud here, boring reading i'm sure  :0)  

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