Tuesday, 27 June 2017


ALMOST A WEEK since i wrote, i've been on the road to torquay, happily ensconsed now at gail's and working in the wonderfully light and colourful music room.  walking and internet at the library in the morning, down to get the paper, home by lunch, working in the afternoon, evenings free to catch up with everyone or just knit :0)

on the road - thursday june 22
love these bare trees, now wearing tutus of new leaves :0)

WAR OF THE WORLDS?  or friendly giants, i always enjoy the drive through avoca with these wonderful windmills on either side, they're comforting in their slow rhythmic movement, but HG Wells does come to mind :0)

GAIL AND IAN headed off friday after lunch and i got settled in the music room cum studio :0)    it feels good

SATURDAY morning - caught 
up with Jenny, Freddie and the 
Mockster for coffee, Sunday with 
Jenny and Rob and the 
delectable Maxie Tyson

and i'm getting work done at the same time :0)

 a room with a view :0)

there are still
outside the
spring's come early to torquay.

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