Thursday, 1 June 2017


THURSDAY a whole day on the road driving through rich golden autumn from mildura to torquay for a quiet night with gail, jenny popped round and we had a champers, just the thing at the end of a long drive.

IT WAS fish'n'chips, scrabble and early to bed for a 4am rise - i had an on-air chat booked at 6.45 with red at the abc.  i was so tense driving in the the dark, big trucks on the road, sure i would be stuck on the westgate despite the early hour. it was 5.45 when the traffic slowed, but thank goodness it was just a glitch and i got there in plenty of time.

it all went well - they've sent me a recording of the interview which i'll play this morning.

             red's looking very lean - i think he's been on a
             health kick

then out to sunny's to pick her up and she took over the wheel. aaah, a nap on the way to riddell's creek to hang the show, we were busy from 10.30 till after 4 but it's done :0)  all good. and the radio exposure was great, we had people all day commenting that they'd heard it.

    i don't know what happened to the rest of my head - i look like         i've been wearing a hat

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