Friday, 17 May 2013


Who would have thought soft ground could be so exciting . . .  after two really good nights of rain the ground is just gorgeous  -  damp and soft underfoot.  i can pull the weeds out so easily - haven't done it much though.  it's quite nice to have a cold to get over. my homecoming has been cosy and relaxing.

ANNE and DENNIS arrived last night, three days of fun, i've already been thrashed at scrabble, no pics though -  i'll have to get some people pics on this blog. and it's high time i went for a walk with my camera and just took some pics for the sake of taking them.   i think i need to do a little 'getting to know Wentworth' project.
I'm inspired by looking at jillie walker's great 365 project, a photo a day - she has a great eye and is living in sarajevo, have a look if you love other people's pics. jillie also has a great way with words, a terrific blog

for now - it's more pelicans    :0)    sorry, can't resist 'em

YESTERDAY MORNING from my front yard

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