Sunday, 12 May 2013



this large painting is by libby letcher, me old mate - stayed with her two nights this week

from the bathroom window at libbys, lovely
old slate rooves

and the lovely old iron lace on her verandah
LAST WEDNESDAY - a day of printing at Australian Print Workshop - i was using the old Parkin press, no gears so to get the pressure i needed,  my feet were literally slipping across the floor trying to turn the wheel!  No good prints produced that day :0(

I stayed with sunny
after printing, i got her
to photograph this
great sign for me
as we drove down 
brunswick street,
very cute 

THURSDAY NIGHT i stayed in northcote with jude after doiing a school gig out at greensborough
Here she is with Fidel - below,  crazy fidel playing 'fishing for cats' on the iPad,  very funny

FANTASTIC DRAWINGS  by year nines in my workshops at st monica's at their one day literature festival on friday.  the college does this for year nines each year - about a dozen authors, illustrators, a video games designer, an animator, performance poet were all doing workshops at the school, an energy packed day. 

right - portrait of the artist trapped i a prism.  the windows in the room at st monica's where the workshop was held had windows that caught the sun and projected rainbows onto the wall which worked their way around the room during the morning of sessions.

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