Tuesday, 7 May 2013


INTERNET ACCESS hasn't been available since i got back from turkey, floating from one house to another over the weekend.

Friday was the lovely bonnie and dave's wedding at the substation in newport - – it’s great to see that terrific old redbrick building being used by the community after so many decades of sitting empty and damaged.

.  a fabulous big affair, guest appearances from husky, the jezabels and a terrific mariarchi (that doesn't look right) band from the states.
Bon and sister em as her attendant both looked like hollywood royalty, in fact in bon's case a hollywood goddess. 

husky sang a great song about 'that dress you wore'  sorry, i'm paraphrasing,   then
bon made her entrance in 'that dress'   -   gorgeous

em - matron-of-honour

jezebels singer haley mary

best dress (bridal party excepted)  - bec in a beautiful american vintage

dance like there's no one watching . . . :0)

SATURDAY  we all stayed in apartments in newport last night and today i travelled down to torquay to stay with gail, a quiet night as i’ve picked up the inevitable cold and am not feeling too good, three school gigs this week so i have to look after my voice.
Sunday night in geelong with denise then up to melbourne to stay in north carlton with libby letcher, it's monday now and i've just finished a school gig in thomastown.  i'm sitting in a 'free wi-fi' cafe Piccante in northcote looking at a wall full of libby's paintings and etchings, she has a little exhibition in here.

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