Tuesday, 14 May 2013


Driving home was lovely - cool and a bit rainy, all kinds of autumn trees in the small towns along the way, my favorite time of year.
and up in mildura and wentworth the grapevines are all turning gold, the setting sun was shining through the leaves as i drove along seventeenth street past the vineyards but alas! the camera battery had died on the way.

these lovely trees were around ouyen, getting close to home.

it's SO good to be here, no more travel till august except for a couple of days in queensland in june.  time to think about planting.   anne and dennis will be here on thursday for three days.

I stayed at Lake Lonsdale with helen and don on my last night away, a hearty dinner, scrabble and a great night of being woken up by bucketloads of heavy rain on the roof.   this great picture is a drawing by my niece claire,  i know she was only little when she did it - it's wonderful, i love the detail in the native flowers and the expression on the koala.  classic :0)    i enjoy this drawing every time i visit

this is about one quarter of a huge flock of corellas that flew over as i was
getting ready to leave helen's for home yesterday.

LOOK WHAT GREETED ME WHEN I GOT HERE - about a hundred pelicans on the lock, it's the same time of year that i first saw the house last year, also the same time of year that i woke up on julie's houseboat the year before and was so amazed to see the river absolutely covered in pelicans.

beautiful fruit in the garden of janet and bevan in pt lonsdale

Janet and bevan are directors of TUSSOCK UPSTAIRS GALLERY currently hosting the Borough of Queenscliffe's 150th Anniversary Art Awards along with Salt Gallery and Seaview Gallery in Queenscliff.  Paintings and prints - the winner of the main award was Mark Cairns. His painting of the sea perfectly reflected the view out of the balcony window at Tussock.  A group of the exhibiting artists talked to their individual works last saturday afternoon. Two of my dress prints were selected in the print section and i did a short talk, but i'm still feeling completely stuffed up with this cold so i wasn't really feeling too inspired. 

more pics from the st. monica's year nine literature day - i had to wait for permission to use these so they're quite a few days after the event, but it was a really nice day, the students were great and i loved the drawings they did

my drawings at the workshop - both charcoal, the second one has just had my hand rubbed over it at the end, i wish i could be so free with artwork that i want to use in books or exhibitions - loosening up is a constant effort

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