Friday, 10 May 2013


TUESDAY TO FRIDAY -  great to stay with good friend libby for two nights - we rarely see each other.  

I've been to St Clares in Thomastown to do illustration sessions, had a day of printing at the Australian Print Workshop on wednesday, Apollo Parkways Primary School for workshops yesterday and today i'm off to Epping to see year 9s.  Stayed with sunny and dean on wednesday and my friend jude in northcote last night.  it's nice to catch up with friends i don't see often, but i've had this damn cold all week and my voice is really
strained.  nearly finished though.  a talk to do at tussock upstairs gallery tomorrow and then home to the river on sunday.  i can't wait to get there and just BE.

i'll add some pics from the last few days when i find my new phone cable - it's black so it's lost in the void ,  could be in any one of several deep black bags, my car is 
just a mass of all kinds of bags and various items i've picked up since i left for istanbul on april 17, including a mirror for the bathroom.

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