Wednesday, 1 May 2013


BOO HOO yesterday was our last full day here.  sunny and i went into Sultanahmet early to get into Hagia Sophia without queuing, we'd bought our tickets online so that
we could just walk in -  ha ha, how naive, there was a queue to buy tickets of about 1000 people and another queue about the same for people who'd already bought them.  at 9
in the morning before it even opened.  worth the wait though

the queue and the sensible 
street dog who just 
slept through it all

there was an exhibition of calligraphy in hagia sophia,
turkish versions of illuminated manuscripts, beautiful.

everybody's got their cameras pointing at the ceiling (well, ceiling
is a bit of an understatement for the highest unsupported dome in 
the world)   the japanese girls were all taking photos of themselves,
i peeped - mostly face in a cute expression with just a hint of hagia
sophia in the background, they were a treat to watch


we walked 
up beside Topkapi Palace along a lovely street of ottoman houses that have been converted into boutique hotels, beautiful wisteria growing  along the side of the footpath.  spring is in full swing here now

The Archeological Museum was next on the list, this strange carving is on the end
of a huge sarcophagus, one of a room full of amazing objects from 3000 BC - takes your breath away to be in
the room and the walls are a deep burgundy with very low lighting so there's an amazing atmosphere there.

where boats and ships criss cross for us
you glow and shine like phosphorus
spread out down there below

and words are at a loss for us
cos nothing rhymes with bosphorus
to say how much you mean to us
as home to oz we go :0(

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